As parents, we try to put our child’s best interests first. Often, we are right, but occasionally it’s not the homerun idea we originally thought. This especially rings true in the world of youth sports. What should we encourage our kids to play, how long should they stick with it and will getting that coveted top team spot really make them happier? 

You probably have a village, that group you lean on for all kinds of support. Today, we are sharing our village with you. In addition to, “let’s finish the game before we start thinking about snacks,” here’s 7 things aspiring young athletes in Fishers should remember as they get ready to lace up their cleats. 

  1. Learn to win and learn to lose because both provide great lessons. It’s okay to fail forward.
  2. Enjoy what you are doing. If you like a sport and want to do it more, then start looking for travel or rec plus teams to satisfy that desire. If you start dreading practice, then it’s probably time to focus on a different sport or interest.
  3. Play lots of sports until you find one or two you love.
jamie with girl

4. Focus on grace and perseverance. Not just grace given to others, but to yourself as you grow, stumble, and improve.

5. Establish a goal that is unique to your abilities. There are kids of all skill levels in our community, so just trying to get better is key. 

6. Listen to your coaches and observe your teammates. Sports naturally immerses you in a growth culture that teaches grit, time management, teamwork, competition and dealing with adversity.

7. Remember, only you control your attitude and your effort.

If you are interested in helping build character, leadership, and physical fitness in the youth in our community please consider giving your time on the Mudsock Youth Athletics Board, a league board, or as a coach. Email for more information! 

Our village is full of volunteers that teach life lessons like those to the children in our programs every day. For today’s list, we tapped Rob Emmerson, Alyssa Anderson and Aaron Brattain because they currently serve as officers on the Board of Directors for Mudsock Youth Athletics.

Their backgrounds consist of serving as league board presidents, coaching pre-kindergarten soccer, and recreational and travel softball, basketball and baseball and most importantly, taking an active role as parents in their youth athletes’ sports journeys.