Over the last couple of years or so I’ve kind of been a tourist in my own city here in Fishers. I’m always looking for fun new spots that I have yet to discover or am always trying out a new restaurant or shop. If you live here in Fishers, we are all very fortunate to be surrounded by so many beautiful spaces and creative places. From parks to gorgeous art, Fishers has it all.

Here are just a few of my favorite Instagram-worthy locations Fishers has to offer that you can show off while getting your social media posts on.

1.The Nickel Plate District

6 Municipal Dr, Fishers, IN 46038

The Nickel Plate District offers a number of Insta-worthy photo opportunities. There are fountains, hammocks, street life, businesses, and more to capture the perfect social media photo opp.

the i in fishers
the i in fishers

2. The Shops in Downtown Fishers

8800 North St. Fishers, IN 46038

Right next to the Fishers Nickel Plate District are several shops and restaurants. The modern industrial aesthetics on this strip make for great Insta-worthy content and photos.

shops in downtown fishers

3. Handel’s Wall of Art

8760 E 116th St, Fishers, IN 46038

Handel’s has been recognized as the #1 ice cream in the world so it’s only right you make this a total Instagrammable moment by indulging in the best homemade ice cream while also checking out their wall of art on the side of their building

    handels mural

    4. A Midwest Mood at Sun King

    9713 District North Drive Suite 1220, Fishers, IN 46037

    Muralist Dan Toro created this incredible work of art on the side of Sun King at The Yard at Fishers District. Whether you grew up in Indiana or are just visiting, this mural perfectly represents Indiana’s Midwest culture.

    sun king mural

    5. Art in the Yard

    11549 Yard St, Fishers, IN 46037

    Add some color, sunshine and inspiration with this incredible wall mural located at The Yard at Fishers District.

    fishers district mural

    6. The Billericay Park English Phone Booth

    12690 Promise Rd, Fishers, IN 46038

    This little phone booth located at Billericay Park is an iconic Insta snapshot spot (try saying that 3 times fast) here in Fishers.

    billericay park phone booth

    7. The Sculptures at Saxony

    13256 Saxony Blvd, Fishers, IN 46037

    Right next to Saxony Beach is a quaint little spot amongst the trees that showcases these beautiful sculptures. The sculptures are called “Rolling Rhythm” and made by sculptor Dale Enochs.

    saxony sculpture

    8. Be in Tune with Nature at Flat Fork 

    16141 E 101st St, Fishers, IN 46040

    Tune in with nature by visiting Flat Fork Creek Park for your next IG photo session. Flat Fork Creek Park offers miles of winding trails, a fishing pond, treehouses, bike paths, creeks, and a giant hill for climbing, sledding, or just plain sight seeing.

    flat fork creek park

    9. Jiffy Lube’s Incredible 3D Mural

    13855 Olivia Way, Fishers, IN 46037

    This is such a unique hidden gem that I stumbled upon recently. Indianapolis artist Carl Leck created this massive 3D illusion that should totally be featured on your IG.  

    jiffy lube mural