The City of Fishers honors all our local heroes who courageously served our country in the armed forces. To all the servicemembers past and present, thank you for your service, sacrifice, and support.  

Meet a local Fishers veteran who selflessly served our country. 

george stavropoulos

George Stavropoulos, Hospitalman 2nd Class, US Navy, is longtime resident of Fishers who resides in Britton Falls, where he is surrounded by good friends and military colleagues. George was born in Detroit, Michigan on January 24, 1947 as the oldest of five children 

He can vividly remember graduating high school and being very interested in serving his country. IJuly of 1965, George and his high school buddy decided to enlist in the military – they felt compelled to join the armed forces after realizing the importance of protecting their homeland.   

By this time, the Vietnam War was intensifying and growing. George began in the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California for around six months and then volunteered to go to Vietnam. “I was scared to death to go into combat. I was only 20 years old. We were all frightened, he said.  

After going into combatGeroge was wounded in his first operation. He was injured three more times on July 2, 1967.  These injuries, combined with his countless efforts to serve and go above the call of duty, earned him a Silver Star Medal, which is the United States Armed Forces’ third-highest personal decoration for valor in combat.  

George’s Commanding Officer, Ed Hutchinsonnominated him for the medal. He and George remained close friends after their military career and until Ed’s tragic passing in 2018. George continues to remember their great friendship 

After retiring from the US Navy, George moved to Anderson, IN to be close to his daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids, where he lived for six years. He then moved to Fishers, where he found his forever home and community. He knew Fishers was the city where he wanted to live after only visiting a few times – George fell in love with the city’s beauty, homes, and safety that the community provides.  

George enjoys living in his east Fishers neighborhood surrounded by great people with similar military backgrounds. “Britton Falls has a great Veterans group with people around my age, he said. Mr. Stavropoulos continues to stay involved with various Veteran groups and organizations and frequently attends the virtual and in-person veteran celebrations hosted by the city.  

The City of Fishers’ in-person Veterans Day ceremony scheduled for tomorrow, November 11, has been cancelled out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19. Instead, the City invites residents to join in online to honor the brave service men and women in our community and nationwide who have served in the armed forces.

Visit all day Veterans Day for a virtual ceremony all day tomorrow honoring our heroes, featuring keynote speaker Colonel Charles F. Bragg, IGR.

In conjunction with Veterans Day, the City of Fishers is launching a new light pole banner program honoring local veterans and active duty servicemembers with banners on display around the downtown Nickel Plate District.  

To learn more about the Virtual Fishers Veterans Day and meet other local heroes, visit