The Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) is hosting the 2023 Local Author Fair, a free, open house-style event for all ages. The Local Author Fair will be held on Saturday, April 15 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the FORUM Events Center (11313 USA Pkway.,  Fishers).

60 local authors and literary organizations from Hamilton County and surrounding areas will represent a range of genres at the fair, including picture books, thrillers, action and adventure, true crime, biographies, romance, local and Indiana history, and much more.

This year’s Author Fair will also feature free writing workshops, including “Get Started,” “Embellishing Vivid Memories into Fictional Tales,” and “Introduction to Self-Publishing.” While these workshops are free to attend, registration is required. Visit the Hamilton East Public Library event calendar to sign up and learn more.

Meet two local authors, Christopher Clouser and M. Katherine Clark.

Meet Christopher Clouser

Christopher Clouser is a local author from Fishers that writes mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy books that are fast-paced and action packed. Clouser’s latest release is “Argent’s Menagerie”, a space-romance that features a pirate trying to make amends with a previous wrongdoing. Clouser has also written a mystery series, “Marco Flynn Mysteries”, revolving around a detective. This summer, the third installment of the series will be released.

When not creating new novels, Clouser enjoys reading fantasy with big characters and wonderful settings, and is currently intrigued by Eastern influenced fantasy stories. He is looking forward to connecting with fellow authors and catching up with others’ works at the Author Fair. Clouser is also particularly excited for the new sessions with instructors, and he hopes to participate in at least one of these sessions.

Book cover

Meet M. Katherine Clark

M. Katherine Clark was born and raised in Indiana, but also calls Texas home. She is a Butler University graduate, enjoys living locally, and is proud to call this area her home. She found her love of books at the young age of five, when her mother would read classics to her. Clark states that if she did not like the ending of a book, she would rewrite the ending. In eighth grade, Clark was tasked with creating a lab report for science class, so she went ahead and combined science and literature to make the report into a fictional piece. This creation got her started in science-fiction writing, as her first published work is in this category.

Clark has published 26 books and is currently working on two more. She writes mainly suspense, thriller, adventure, paranormal, and fantasy noels. “I do not like to be pigeon-holed. I like to write a diverse portfolio,” she says. Clark enjoys reading poetry, romance, and the classics. Much like her writing style, Clark does not limit herself to one genre and reads whatever may interest her.

Clark is most looking forward to meeting with her fantastic group of fellow authors and interacting with the fans. She has been part of the Author Fair for many years and attributes the Hamilton East Public Library staff for helping her get started in the field. She is excited to meet with attendees for her first fair of the year.

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M. Katherine Clark at book fair