the outside of a mosque in the evening with the sky being blue and purple in the background

This summer, the Al Huda Foundation opened Al Huda Masjid off of Lantern Road near the Nickel Plate District. After three years of planning, the largest congregation of Muslims in the state opened the new $8.8 million mosque. Led by the imam (religious leader) Nasser Karimian, the mosque serves over 3,000 congregants from Fishers and surrounding communities. The mosque is the new home for the Al Huda Foundation.

In addition to their daily prayer schedule, marriage proceedings, marriage and youth counseling, and funeral and burial services, Al Huda Foundation offers schooling, youth programming, and educational activities.

The Eman School is a full-time, state-accredited school serving students from Pre-K through 12th grade. In addition to the curriculum set by the Indiana Department of Education, the Eman School educates children in Islamic studies, Arabic, and the Quran and works to instill key Islamic values in their children such as honesty, integrity, humility, generosity, respect, and compassion for neighbors and all of God’s creation.

Eman Schools is often cited as the main reason why families move to this area, and the student population has exceeded 350 students at the three campuses. The youth program is very active in organizing gatherings or “halaqas,” camps, sporting events, and many other social activities.

The mosque also provides a multitude of educational programs that target all ages and address issues related to all walks of life.

Al Huda Foundation is very active in interfaith activities, striving to build bridges between people of all faiths and backgrounds and being a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and faiths. They have held countless events over the years to provide education, build bridges, and sometimes dispel popularized misconceptions about their faith.

Not only do they love when people visit the mosque, but they love to visit others and frequently accept invitations to other places of worship in town. For questions related to interfaith activities, contact Dr. Muhammad Munir.

The Mosque

Designed and built by Rekaz Homes, the new mosque features modern Islamic architecture. Combining the rich elements of Islamic history with contemporary building design, it incorporates glass, fiberglass, copper, gold leaf, porcelain floors, marble, granite, and vivid colors such as white, blue, and gold, all while maintaining the fundamental structural appearance of a mosque, complete with domes, minarets, and Islamic art.

This approach allowed them to build an iconic structure that mirrors the vibrance exhibited throughout the City of Fishers while staying true to a budget set forth by the donations of community members.

The mosque has many prominent features:

an aerial view of a mosque at sunset
an aerial view of a mosque during sunset

1. Domes & Minarets

The domes are made of gold-plated fiberglass that measure 30 feet for the large dome and 18 feet for the small domes. The minarets stand 60 feet tall.

2. Glass Walls & Windows

Natural light is a fundamental part of the design. Tinted windows were used to maintain privacy while allowing natural light to enter.

a wall of windows and three chandeliers hanging in front
a prayer area inside of a mosque

3. Main Prayer Hall (Musalla)

This is the main prayer area. The floors are covered in fine Turkish carpet.  A Quranic verse adorns this space that was crafted in Indonesia.

4. Entrance & Gathering Area

A special focus was on creating an open space, influenced by the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The area is accentuated by light colors that echo the exterior design to give a visually smooth transition upon entering the masjid. The materials were carefully chosen and include porcelain tiles from Italy and handmade Islamic mosaics from Spain.

a gathering area with chairs and tables
a room with white walls, light glossy wood floors, and marble etched wall. also has a decorated dome on the ceiling and hanging from the dome is a gold chandelier

5. Fatooma Interfaith Room

This room is named in loving memory of the young Fatooma Hassuneh, who passed away in a tragic traffic accident in 2017 when she was 18 years old. She was known for her kindness, good manners, and passionate participation in interfaith activities. This room is used as a safe and welcoming space for people of all faiths to foster education, compassion, and peaceful coexistence.

6. Gym

A professional-grade gym features triple-layer flooring, bleachers, and state-of-the-art equipment.

a basketball court
a picture of a chandelier

7. Lighting & Chandeliers

All the chandeliers were custom-built by master crafters in Egypt. The main dome chandelier is 14 feet wide and weighs 1,200 pounds. It is inspired by that of the Masjid Alnabawi in Medina.

8. Islamic Art

Artist Jessica Hancock was chosen as the chief artist after a rigorous nationwide selection process. Jessica worked tirelessly for 4 months creating a signature design pattern for the mosque’s unique Islamic art.

Islamic art piece with colors black, gold, blue, green and yellow

For more information regarding Al Huda Foundation, visit their website.