This blog post was originally posted in January, 2021.

In preparation for Black History Month, I spoke with Kyndal Poore and Jerald Bush, two leaders of the HSE Black Student Union, about their organization. Kyndal, the club’s president, shared the goals of this student organization.

HSE Black Student Union (BSU) formed seven years ago, and since then has grown from around 10 members to over 100. The primary goal of the organization is to educate students on Black culture and create a close-knit community for Black students of all ages. The club also has a mentorship program that pairs elementary students with high schoolers to “give the kids an African American role model” says Kyndal. Outside of the mentorship program, the club often hosts educational meetings for students of all races to come together and learn more about the Black experience.

black student union

The club is active on their Instagram, @hsebsu, and you can follow along as the students explore what their culture means to them.

The club also encourages members to bring a non-Black friend to a BSU meeting. The club generally holds this event annually and Kyndal says it allows students “to bounce ideas off each other and say what’s on their mind.” This meeting will also focus on educating non-Black students on how to be an ally and advocate for racial equity. BSU officers have compiled a list of resources on advocacy and allyship that will be shared with meeting participants.

Going into Black History Month, it is extremely important for all of us to take a moment to respect the Black experience and educate ourselves on Black culture. An important step in becoming an ally is to recognize what you don’t know and to actively educate yourself on Black history and the current challenges facing the Black community.

When asked about what Fishers residents can do to be better allies, Jerald said, “simply learn a little bit more about what it means to be Black,” and to “stick with it.” During Black History Month take the time to read some of the resources provided, follow the activities of clubs like HSE Black Student Union, and have discussions with friends and family about modern racism.