Ignite Studio at the Hamilton East Public Library in Fishers welcomes their next Maker-in-Residence, Eleanor Giron. Giron kicks off her residency on May 7th and will be in the Ignite Studio at the Fishers Library through August 27th. 


Here are five things to know about Eleanor Giron: 

1. She is a portrait artist. 

Eleanor’s area of expertise is in painting the human form. Eleanor paints pieces of her life, creating a visual journal for her viewers to read. She offers her intimate audience glances of a hopeless romantic’s struggles, pain, loss, and growth. Like her process, she is a work in progress, and she invites the viewer to take part in her journey. 

2. She draws inspiration from her travels around the world. 

Originally from the Philippines, Eleanor is a world traveler. She’s lived in New York and Chicago and loves to visit Japan and New Zealand. 

She says, “I gain inspiration from dreaming of what I hope to do and the places I want to see. I’ll paint myself with wings and planes in the background because I want to fly and travel. I’ll paint myself as a seed because I want to grow. A boy I was in love with lived in Indianapolis, so I painted my portrait with the Monument Circle. We bought a house together last year.” 

3. Her favorite medium is oil paint. 

Eleanor works in all types of paint (acrylic, watercolor, gouache, poster paint) because each medium will have a style and purpose that it is best suited for. However, oil paint is her favorite. She says, “[It’s] so easy to blend and is so vibrant when you use the medium right.” 



4. You might have met her at Ignite’s Figure Drawing Open Studios. 

Eleanor first came to Ignite as a participant in our monthly Figure Drawing Open Studios on the first Monday and third Thursday of each month from 5:30-7:30. Artists of all skill levels are welcome to join this non-instructed, open studio figure drawing class with a live, clothed model. Eleanor has served as a model for this class, where she starts with short poses and works her way to progressively longer poses throughout the session. 

 5. You can register for programs with Eleanor or drop into Ignite to meet her. 

Register for classes, workshops, and events with Eleanor by visiting Ignite Studio’s event calendar, or stop in during her Open Studio hours. She’ll be doing live demos, open Studio, leading painting, and sketching workshops, and even doing some dancing! 


For more information about Eleanor Giron’s residency, visit Hamilton East Public Library’s Ignite Studio website here.