Lemonade Stand From the Experts

For Lemonade Day we asked local entrepreneurs for their tips on how to make your lemonade stand successful!

Their Advice

John Wechsler, the founder of Launch Fishers shared tips on how to start your business, Travis Brown owner of Mojo Up Marketing & Media focused on how to market your product, and Neal Brown, Award-Winning Chef & owner of One Trick Pony shared on how to make your lemonade unique. 


lemonade stand from the experts. john wechsler: starting your business. brainstorm things to improve your product. think of things that pair well with lemonade, such as cookies or muffins. travis brown: marketing your product. work on getting the word out about your lemonade stand! make a cool sign or ask parents' permission to use social media to spread the word. neal brown: creating your product. use local ingredients for your lemonade and find other ways to make it unique. try adding another fruit to mix it with