Several years ago, when Fishers Running Club was getting started, I noticed something: we were producing a lot of waste. After our group runs, when I would stop along our route to pickup the hydration station, I was struck by how many bottles of water and Gatorade we produced. We were filling a laundry basket every weekend. We had to do better.   

Staying properly hydrated is a key aspect of running, especially for our members that are training for endurance races like half marathons and marathons. So, cutting out aid stations all together was not an option. By moving to a system of using larger bottles and water jugs, we have drastically reduced our footprint. Now, we hardly top off a small waste bin with a couple of bottles and paper cups. But we can do even better.  

runners at aid station
runners at aid station

Fishers Running Club is committed to continuing and improving on our waste management. Club members are encouraged to carry a handheld refillable bottle or hydration vest on training runs to further reduce waste and increase sustainability. Community members are also invited to join in our sustainability efforts.  

Visit the Fishers Running Club website to learn more about our activities or to sign up for a group run/walk. Guests are welcome! 


Hydration Tips for Runners 

Hydration is important to runners for good health and recovery. Regardless of how frequently you run or your preferred distance or pace, you should be staying hydrated. Drinking water before every meal and sipping throughout the day are good ways to stay on top of your fluids. Here are a few tips for before, during, and after your run. 

  • Before – Drink 16 oz. of water or sports drink 2 hours before and 6 – 8 oz. 15 minutes before exercising.  
  • During – Maintain hydration by drinking 5 – 10 oz. of water or sports drink at regular intervals. Individual needs will vary based on sweat rate, and an app like Ascension’s MySweatRate will help with your calculations. 
  • After – Drink at least 16 oz. of fluid with food or replenish with 20  24 oz. based on your sweat rate. 

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*Photos are pre-COVID.