fishers frights

October is officially the start of Spooky Season! Fishers has some ghost stories of its own. Check out the stories below from grave robbers to haunted local boutiques, see what frights Fishers offers. Stay tuned for more Fishers Frights coming soon!

heady hollow map

Heady Hollow

At the banks of Allisonville Road and 126th Street lies a 198-year-old Fishers mystery. Tucked into the woods like an afternoon fog, Heady Hollow is an enigma that many have tried to unravel, but none have been successful. 

Trittipo Family Bombings

In the 1890s, one Fishers family earned a distinction few people at the time, and likely any resident of Fishers since, have had: survived multiple bomb attacks. Read more about the Trittipo Family surviving multiple bombings in what we know now as Downtown Fishers!


a newspaper headline that reads: an infernal machine. one set through the mail to s. trittipo at fisher's station. an ingenious contrivance, now in possession of inspector fletcher-wrong end was operated

Highland Cemetery 

Hamilton County Historian, David Heighway spoke to us about the grave robberies that took place in the early 1900s at Highland Cemetery, formerly known as Beaver Cemetery.

After watching, you’ll wonder how many bodies are actually left…

The Ghost of Cheeney Creek

The debate of whether ghosts are real or not has gone on for decades. Sometimes, things move without reason or you hear a creak in the middle of the night, but for author Madalyn Kinsey, her ghost wanted to be the main character in her story. 


james payne's grave

Gallery 116

Gallery 116 used to be the old Fishers Town Hall and before that, the old Manship Farm. Owner Tracy Gritter speaks on spooky encounters her and her employees have experienced.

With such a deep-rooted history, was something paranormal left behind? 

Conner Praire

The Conner House at Conner Prairie is one of the oldest buildings in Fishers, so we decided to visit. We spoke with Kim McCann and she told us stories of possible echoes from the past that can still be heard today.