From the little ones playing on the playground to community gardeners harvesting vegetables, Cyntheanne Park (12383 Cyntheanne Road) is a hidden gem busting with activity in northeast Fishers.

Perhaps one of Cyntheanne Park’s most unique features is the vibrant landscape playground structure that promotes unstructured play, continual movement, and physical fitness for children of all ages. Along with five multi-purpose sports fields, the park also includes a 1-mile paved multi-use trail and a natural grass trail that’s perfect for staying active as warmer weather comes.

This park isn’t just for kids: Cyntheanne Park is home to the Community Garden Program (CPG), which allows residents to rent 10 x 10 foot plots of land to garden for the season. Both conventional and organic growing, as well as 4 x 9 foot raised bed plots, are available, and residents can enjoy growing their own vegetables and fruit while engaging with other gardeners.

Pickleball is the latest sports craze sweeping the nation and offering fun for all ages. Cyntheanne Park is home to eight, free pickleball courts open to the public. A paddle sport that combines the elements of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong, pickleball involves players serving and volleying a plastic ball (smaller, but similar in appearance to a Wiffle Ball) over a 34-ince-high net on a 20-foot by 40-foot court.
Cyntheanne Park is open to the public to explore year-round from dawn to dusk.