people running in snow

Negative wind chills got you down? As temperatures drop, you may be tempted to hibernate indoors. However, with the right preparation and mindset, cold weather running can be frosty fun. Check out our top tips from our Geist Half Series Ambassadors to help you hit the chilly pavement!

jon wade headshot

Jon Wade

“Remember to hydrate. We tend to forget how much we actually sweat in the winter, but we do. We just don’t feel as thirsty. Going by thirst works in the summer, not so much in the winter.” 

monterry headshot

Monterry Townsend

“Wear synthetic fibers and layer your clothing. Protect your face, head and extremities. Stay warm before the race, respect your limits, and don’t forget to drink.” 

HC Tavern

Sara Farny

“Check for ice. If it’s icy stay inside, otherwise, put on the layers, and just do it! Winter running can be beautiful and peaceful.”

lynn headshot

Lynn Hartley

“I LOVE running in the cold! Bundle up in the winter, but make sure you don’t over dress yourself and get too warm. Always start with a thermal layer and build from there. Make sure you can move comfortably. I always make sure my ears and hands are covered because those are what get cold on me first and then if it gets too warm…it’s easy to take off those two things during the run. It’s cold at first, but your body adjusts quickly as you get warmed up and your heart rate increases.”

jennifer headshot

Jennifer Wheat Townsend

“If you dress appropriately, you will be fine outside in the cold. I use a running chart from SPARK People that helps me think about the layers I should wear based on the temperature.”

We hope you feel inspired to lace up your shoes and get out in this cold weather, even though it is not always ideal! Don’t forget to get registered for the Geist Half Marathon, 10K or 5K at