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Quick Tips for Sustainability at Work

  • Start a recycling program for different types of waste
  • Use both sides of the paper when printing and making photocopies
  • Purchase recycled paper and other recycled office products
  • Donate unwanted supplies to local schools or nonprofit organizations
  • Provide reusable kitchen utensils instead of disposable products
  • Put your computer in sleep mode instead of using screen savers
  • Use energy-efficient lightbulbs and install motion-activated lights that turn off when a space in not in use
  • Go paperless and switch to electronic files
  • Reduce electricity use from elevator operation by taking the stairs when possible
  • Use alternative transportation like walking, riding a bike, public transportation, or carpooling
  • Reduce unnecessary travel by replacing in-person meeting with video calls, webinars, and recorded presentations
  • Help the entire business understand the necessity of sustainable practices
  • Invest in refillable pens which last longer and have recyclable cartridges
  • Add plenty of indoor plants which improve air quality
  • Limit heating and cooling when possible
  • Set up a composting station
  • Leverage green cleaning products
  • Install aerators to reduce water usage
  • Encourage healthy competition amongst departments and employees concerning minimal waste initiatives
  • Unplug and turn off any devices or machines not being used
  • Bring your own lunch and reusable water bottle
  • Source products from local suppliers
  • Take notes online or on white boards instead of paper
  • Eliminate Styrofoam in the workplace
  • Start a plastic bag collection center
  • Celebrate environmental events as a company
  • Give your employees the opportunity to volunteer around the community
  • Create a “green team” of employees to keep track of implementation of sustainability initiatives
  • Host training workshops to educate on environmental sustainability
  • Decrease brightness on your computer monitor
  • Get rid of individual trash cans to discourage waste
  • Optimize the use of natural light