“My training as an architect can be seen in my paintings. This art is focused on subject matter, composition and color with acrylic paints and pastels on large canvases. While I paint wildlife, floral, and portraits, my primary interest is painting landscapes.

“Many of these landscape paintings have architectural elements as part of the context such as farm and barn compositions as well as images from travel and hiking experiences all over the world. Much of this work tends to be precise relative to the building subject, contrasted with a loose expression in the landscape elements of trees, ground texture, water and sky. I am very intrigued with the creation of a mood of time, space and color that cannot be captured in a photograph.

“I am particularly drawn to French Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet and the Hoosier Artists who flourished in the early 1900s as well as contemporary landscape artists. Much of their work tends to be landscapes that explore light, color and the atmosphere of the moment in a way that compels your attention for long periods of time. That is what I am trying to achieve in my own way as an ARCHITECT-ARTIST.”

Learn more at cwmullinsart.com.

Belinda is also a professional singer, often streaming performances along with her visual art practices for the world to enjoy. Short says, “I’ve been streaming art off and on for 13 years since streaming started being a thing. I love making art online and interacting.” Currently, Short is working on an augmented reality game to share via streaming as well. Stay tuned to her Mixer channel for updates! Learn more on Instagram.