tails & tales summer reading program. for all ages: adults, teens, and children. june 1 - july 31 2021, start logging june 1. register beginning may 15: hepl.beanstack.org/reader365. enroll to earn a free book (children and teens) or HEPL tote bag (adults). log reading and activities to earn tickets for prizes. help the hepl community reach collective goal of 2.5 million pages/minutes. enjoy reading this summer

Summerfor a lot ofpeople isfilled with sunshine,trips to the park, poolside relaxation, andcookouts.But,did you know summer was my favorite time because of the Hamilton East Public Library’s (HEPL) Summer Reading Program?  

 I mean, let’s be honest, what’s better than getting rewarded for reading and completing activitiesthat you could do by yourself or with family andfriends?If that’s not enough to convince you, check out these five reasons why you should participate in the Tails and Tales Summer Reading Program. 

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 1.) It’s always a good time to flex those brain muscles. 

A recent studyshowed that children in grades 3-5 lost,on average, 20% of their school-year gains in readingover the summer. Allowingkidsthe chance to read what they want, whether that be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, or even audiobooks is important! Adults, need an excuse to “disconnect” from the hustle and bustle of the world? Flexing these muscles gives you an excuse to do just that!  

 2.) It’s a perfect opportunity to connect or reacquaint yourself with the library! 

Time sometimes slips away from us, but ifit’sbeena whilesince you have been to the library, youare missing out! The library is a placewith much more than books and movies for you tocheckout.Wanting to try out your hand atgenealogy? Check out the Indiana Room at theNoblesville location. Trying to explore your creativeside?Check out the Ignite Studio at our Fisherslocation.Looking for a program? Check out one of our many virtual programs. Thelibraryhas so many things to experience! 

3.) Help create a community of learners. 

The summer reading program at HEPL, Tails and Tales, is open to all ages. It doesn’t matter how youngorhow old you are. Babies and toddlers, kids, teens, and adults are encouraged to sign up.Everyone is working together to achieve a goal of 2.5 million pages/minutes read! 

4.) It’s a way to bond with each other! 

What better way to spend time with a loved one, family member, or friend than sharing what you are reading or watching? The best part is, that this doesn’t even have to be in person. Connect with each other through phone calls, FaceTime, and social media; the possibilities are endless.  

5.) Most importantly, it’s fun! 

Summer reading is about exploring and finding materials and activities that you enjoy! Have you ever wanted to read a graphic novel? This is the time to do it! Ever wanted to listen to an audiobook, but wasn’t sure where to start? Hang that hammock, download an audiobook from OverDrive and relax. This program is set up for everyone to complete on their own time, while also enjoying themselves. 

Check out our Summer Reading Promo featuring our HEPL staff furry friends video here: 

tails & tales. read, log, and win from june 1 - july 31."gaston" airs thursday, june 3. "crenshaw" airs thursday, june 17. "hot dog girl" airs thursday, july 8. "all creatures" airs thursday, july 22.