Ignite Studio and Nickel Plate Arts are teaming up again for the annual Comic Book in a Day! This year the event is entirely virtual with a variety of opportunities to participate. Here at the top five things to know:

comic book in a day

1. Sign up to be a challenge artist

 Participate in the eight-hour competition to create a comic book from scratch. Showcase your drawing skills, on pen and paper or digitally, and compete to win prizes, including art supplies, comic books and even CASH! Gain exposure as an artist by engaging with local community members and fellow comic book enthusiasts. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by both professional and amateur comic book artists, so you’ll build a network of peers who can help cheer you along in your artistic efforts. Sign up here!

2. Tune into Facebook

Hamilton East Public Library’s and Nickel Plate Arts’ Facebook pages will go live on Saturday, August 29 to share all the action! We’ll be giving updates and providing interactive content throughout the day as the challenge artists compete to draw an entire comic book in only a matter of hours.

3. Meet professional comic book artists:

Stuart Sayger, Victor Dandridge and Yuri Duncan are expert illustrators who will be on hand to mentor our challenge artists, but they will also host a live panel at 2 p.m. on the HEPL and NPA Facebook pages. These artists have a myriad of accomplishments including drawing covers for titles like The Joker and The Walking Dead.

4. Vote for your favorite to award

Watch as the work is revealed in a Facebook album, and vote with your “likes” to choose the winner of Fan Favorite!

5. Celebrate talent that lives in your own backyard

Cheer on the artists and learn about the world of comic book illustrators in this one-of-a-kind virtual event.

Learn more about Comic Book in a Day and follow Nickel Plate Arts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Hamilton East Public Library on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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