The Indiana IoT Lab is a hub for innovation. In true Fishers entrepreneurial style, the innovators at the IoT lab are challenging the status quo and collaborating to introduce new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and physical products to a variety of markets.

The most exciting part? Innovation that can impact the world is happening right here in our community at 9059 Technology Lane in the Fishers Tech Park. When the facility opened in March 2018, it was one of the first Internet of Things Labs in the nation. Over the past few years, Indiana IoT has grown its membership—currently hosting more than 25 companies and 130 members—and provided a launching pad for many new tech companies to thrive.

Here’s 5 startups from Indiana IoT to watch in 2022: 

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Raineman Solutions

A new member of the Fishers IoT Lab, Raineman Solutions is an independent research and product development firm that prototypes, iterates, and commercializes custom education and health science technologies. Founder and CEO Josh Raines is a former university research center administrator and stats instructor interested in image processing and ethics in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in health sciences.

Currently, the firm is developing an at-home telehealth and dentistry appliance that integrates computer vision and AI to help monitor for oral lesions in chemotherapy patients. Collaborating with the IU School of Dentistry, the program has scaled to many more general applications, such as periodontal maintenance.


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Enlace Monitoring Solutions

Enlace Monitoring Solutions is developing a connected monitoring and information platform for the cold chain, a low temperature-controlled supply chain consisting of climate-controlled warehouses, cold storage, and freezers.

The cold chain helps to maintain the quality and safety of perishable products until they reach the consumer. Breaking the cold chain can cause issues such as microbial growth, altered taste and appearance, spoiled food, and other issues. The Enlace platform targets optimization strategies that account for energy usage and provide indicators and data for topics like product safety and quality, helping to keep our food—and us—safe.


Another startup revolutionizing the cold chain process is ChefsFridge Co. with their ArcticRx product. ArticRX is an ultra-low temperature pod used to transport and store vaccines. It doesn’t require electricity or a battery, and can maintain -80c for 28+ days.

When the COVID-19 vaccines began to roll out in 2020, gaps were identified in the cold chain for transporting and storing vaccines. ChefsFridge Co. joined forces with Rolls-Royce to solve this problem, right here in Indiana. ArticRX is the first of its kind to support a two-dose vaccine delivery regimen specifically targeting rural, remote, and international areas in support of global equitable access and to help share doses as rapidly and quickly as possible. As co-founders M. Shane Bivens and Stuart Lowry say, it’s #VaccineEquity in a box.

Pierce Aerospace

With autonomous technologies such as vehicles, drones, and robots on the rise, Pierce Aerospace is working to enhance safety and public awareness of autonomy. Pierce produces Flight Portal ID, an identity platform that provides digital license plates for drone pilots and their aircraft. Their technology is dual-use, with both military and commercial applications.

Pierce Aerospace has developed their technology with funding from the U.S. Air Force, the State of Indiana, and recent investment from Techstars. Their solutions align with FAA requirements and are based on an internationally recognized standard, that they helped author. With growing commercial and government traction, Pierce Aerospace aims to provide a much-needed global solution for the drone industry.

Energetics Drivetrains

Energetics Drivetrains is focused on conserving, capturing, and reusing energy in the automotive, marine, off-road, power generation, and mining industries to provide efficient solutions to manage your energy needs.

Energetics Drivetrains develops and provides solutions that help you reduce the energy wasted in your operations and recover lost energy to power your operations, including existing products like commercial hybrid drives (like the Kinetic Hybrid), EV drive retrofit kits, power storage, and generation systems.

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Stephanie Perry is the Assistant Director of Public Relations of the City of Fishers. Born and raised in Fishers, Stephanie graduated from HSE in 2006 and is now raising her kids in her childhood home in West Fishers, which she purchased from her parents when they moved. She loves supporting the local small business community, running on Fishers’ trails, and spending time at Conner Prairie with her family (Headless Horsemen and A Merry Prairie Holiday are family favorites!). Stephanie and her husband enjoy getting outdoors and spending time camping, hiking, and boating. Stephanie has enjoyed watching her city grow over the past few decades and loves the assets and amenities that the community provides, from the parks and special events to the array of restaurants and shops.