The Fishers Police Department is partnering with business owners, homeowners’ associations and community members to reduce crime, protect property, and increase public safety through an innovative, solar-powered, infrastructure-free License Plate Reader (LPR) operating system called Flock Safety.  

Like popular doorbell cameras, Flock Safety’s LPR system is motion-activated, meaning that it snaps a photo of passing vehicles when it detects movement. However, instead of focusing on specific homes or businesses like a doorbell camera does, the Flock camera is pointed at the roadway, where it can detect and take photos of vehicles, not people. Flock cameras are specially designed to identify vehicle characteristics and license plates.  

flock camera

How can the implementation of Flock cameras help protect our businesses, homes and children? Here are just a few examples:  

1. Amber Alerts & Missing Endangered Persons 

When a vehicle and license plate is recognized as a match for an active Amber Alert or Missing Endangered Person, the system notifies law enforcement immediately. With Flock, officers will have a better chance to apprehend the vehicle, potentially saving the life of a child or endangered person.  

2. Stolen Vehicles

Flock’s system is constantly receiving updated state and federal information regarding stolen vehicles.  If the camera snaps a photo of a vehicle or license plate that’s been reported as stolen, law enforcement is notified. This timely information will increase the likelihood of recovering stolen vehicles.  

3. Robbery, Burglary, & Other Crimes

Flock cameras are designed to snap photos of vehicles, which can then be compared to suspect vehicle information in the event of a serious crime.  

crime scene tape

The information gathered by Flock Safety cameras could prove to be vital in solving crimes in our community and protecting our children and property. The cameras are simply a tool that law enforcement officers can use during their investigation.  It’s also important for our community to know what the Flock Safety cameras do NOT do:  


  • The cameras do NOT take photos of the driver or passengers in the vehicle. They are designed to photograph the rear of the vehicle.  
  • The cameras do NOT check the license plate through BMV records. The software simply matches the plate with up-to-date state and federal information, as well as Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, and Missing Endangered Person Alerts.  
  • The cameras do NOT record traffic violations such as speeding or running red lights. The information recorded is not used to pursue unpaid fines or citations.  
  • The cameras take still photos only. They do NOT track the vehicle, or record names, addresses or phone numbers. The system does not mark specific locations of where people have been.  
  • Data captured by Flock cameras is never shared or sold to third parties. The information recorded by the cameras is fully encrypted and stored in the cloud. The data is only retained for 30 days.  

Upwards of 70% of crime is committed with a vehicle. A clear, accurate photo of the vehicle and license plate is information that could be vital when solving crimes. Through strong community collaboration, innovative technology, and police officers who are committed to serving and protecting our city, The Fishers Police Department is dedicated to reducing crime and apprehending criminals. The implementation of Flock Safety cameras is just one piece of the puzzle for the Fishers Police Department to improve the overall safety of our community. 

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Photos 1 and 3 courtesy of Flock Safety.