On March 20, spring will officially arrive with the start of the spring equinox. I love spring in Fishers! I feel like it’s a magical time as the world wakes up from its winter slumber, the days start getting longer, and the weather warms up.  

On the first day of spring, my family and I love to celebrate the new season with special activities. I’ve gathered 10 of our family’s favorite activities to help you celebrate the new season!

1. Take A Walk

 Head outside for a walk to observe wildlife, go on a bug hunt, and spot plants beginning to bloom. Turn this walk into a game; what signs of spring do you see, what discoveries do you make, and who can find the most signs of spring. 

I love having my family immerse themselves into the season by using their senses. What can you see, smell, and when you close your eyes, what do you hear? My kids also love bringing binoculars and paper and crayons along with us for observations.

We love walking around our neighborhood or one of the many local nature preserves or parks.  Check out the perfect places for spring walks.

boy walking on trail

2. Make a Bird Feeder 

Welcome the birds back to spring with a DIY bird feeder. Our family loves to make a bird feeder out of pine cones. Slather a pine cone in sunflower butter and roll it in bird seeds. For DIY bird feeder inspiration, check these out! 

3. Jump in Puddles

One thing you can count on in spring is a soaking rainstorm. The puddles that follow a rainstorm are some of the best parts of the season. Puddle jumping is a favorite activity of every child (and child at heart), so grab your rain boots and go puddle hunting. If it’s not a wet day, we love creating our own just to be able to have a splashing good time! 

    boy jumping in puddles

    5. Balance an Egg

    Legend says on the spring equinox, eggs can stand on end because of the Earth’s axis position relative to the sun. Now, whether this old wive’s tale is accurate or not, I’m not sure, but each year our family has fun trying to make eggs balance on end. Give it a try. Do you have the magic touch?

    7. Fly a Kite

    Kite flying is such an exciting childhood experience. It’s also fun as a parent to watch the joy and sense of pride on your little ones’ faces as their kite takes flight. Spring is the perfect time for this activity, as it’s often a breezy season. To add a little extra fun, try your hand at a DIY kite

    boy flying a kite

    8. Have a Picnic

    There’s nothing better than an afternoon spring picnic! Whether it be in your own backyard or at the park, pack a basket with your favorite foods, grab a blanket, and find the perfect spot to relax. Our family loves to bring books to read or games to play while enjoying the gorgeous spring weather.

    boy sitting on picnic blanket

    9. Plant a Garden or Fairy Garden

    Spring is a time of rebirth, making the first day of spring perfect for starting your garden. Gardening is an excellent activity for all ages. My family likes to start planning what we’ll be planting and prepare our garden beds. Since spring in Indiana varies greatly, we start seeds inside then transfer later in spring. It’s fun to watch the kids’ excitement as they check on their plants throughout the spring.

    If gardening isn’t your thing, a fun alternative is making a fairy garden! Fairy Gardens have become a new spring tradition for our family. As our family prepares our gardens, my kids also create their own fairy gardens which are placed alongside our family garden.  Fairy gardens are fun as you can be as creative as you’d like.  

    fairy garden

    10. Download Educational Apps

    If you’ve never heard of this movement, Fishers Rocks is a local chapter of the Kindness Rocks Project. The purpose is to bring smiles to all. This activity is as easy as grabbing rocks, paints, and just letting the kids go crazy with their decorating. 

    Whether it’s an inspirational rock or just a colorful design, they will all bring smiles to everyone’s face. Once the rocks are dry, write #FishersRocks on it and hide it somewhere around Fishers for another person to find!

    child on tablet

    Don’t forget to share all your spring fun on social media using the hashtag #AroundFishers, and check out these other ways to have fun in Fishers this spring